I want to study the properties of NiO as a hole transporting material adapted for perovskite solar cells using Quantum ESPRESSO.

From Materials Project website, I saw that NiO can exist in different crystal structures. I intended to choose the most stable structure, but from literature I see that researchers also work with other metastable crystal structures of a material.

Knowing that any material can have more than 2 metastable structures, can someone explain to me why do I have to choose a structure and not another?

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    $\begingroup$ Whenever you start a computational project, you should get familiar with the existing experimental and theoretical results. Off course, it is impossible to read everything, but model building ("which crystal structure I should choose") is ideally rooted in realistic assumptions that you gain from pre-existing data. E.g if there is no data, choosing the most stable structure is a good guess. It might happen that there are several low-energy metastable structures, then you should either test all or learn more about the fabrication process, data from characterization etc. $\endgroup$
    – Greg
    Feb 16 at 15:00
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