There are several types of Monte Carlo (MC) moves that can be used in simulations:

  1. Metropolis-Hastings: a sampling technique used to generate a Markov chain of states with desired probabilities by accepting or rejecting proposed moves based on an acceptance probability.

  2. Single Particle Displacement: In this move, a single particle's position is randomly selected, and a small displacement is applied. The displacement can be along one or more dimensions.

  3. Particle Exchange: This move involves exchanging the positions of two randomly selected particles.

  4. Particle Insertion/Deletion: This move involves adding or removing a particle from the system.

  5. System Scaling: In this move, the entire system is rescaled by a random factor. It can be used to simulate changes in density or to explore different system sizes.

  6. Cluster Moves: Cluster moves involve treating a group of particles as a single entity and moving them collectively.

  7. Rotations: Rotational moves involve rotating the orientation of a particle or a group of particles.

  8. etc.

My question is, how do I know when to use which move? I.e. what factors determine the selection of a specific type of move?

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  • $\begingroup$ @NikeDattani, Not much. I use Replica Exchange Monte Carlo (REMC) because my professor uses it. $\endgroup$
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