I am calculating the band structure using HSE06 using wannier method. I have manage to perform the scf calculations and first processing of wannier.x to generate the .nnk file. but when I run the pw2wannier.x the following error occur. I don't know what caused this error as I generate the k-point using the kmesh.pl method. your help is hilgy appreciated.

G-vector sticks info
     sticks:   dense  smooth     PW     G-vecs:    dense   smooth      PW
     Sum       10805    5417   1481               713315   252257   35969

     Using Slab Decomposition

     Reading collected, re-writing distributed wavefunctions

  Spin CASE ( default = unpolarized )

  Wannier mode is: standalone     

  *** Reading nnkp 

  Checking info from wannier.nnkp file

  - Real lattice is ok
  - Reciprocal lattice is ok
  Something wrong! 
  k-point            3  is wrong
   0.0000000000000000        0.0000000000000000       0.79226244387103761     
   0.0000000000000000        0.0000000000000000      -0.39613122589683109     

     Error in routine pw2wannier90 (3):
     problems with k-points
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I assume that you used open_grid.x in order to expand the k-point grid from IBZ to full BZ. In this case the k-point mesh should be taken from the output of open_grid.x.

Also I found that when using open_grid instead of non-SCF run (at least in QE v.6.5) it is needed to manually rename files in scratch directory, i.e. pwscf_open -> pwscf

Hope it could help

Update, useful links:

  1. https://christoph-wolf.at/2018/10/10/band-structure-calculations-in-qe-using-hybrid-functionals/

  2. Calculating HSE06 band structures on Quantum ESPRESSO

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