After performing high-pressure calculations for my ABO4 compounds using the VASP software, I am now interested in fitting the Birch-Murnaghan equation of state to either pressure versus volume or energy versus volume data.

I would appreciate guidance on the best fitting procedure and, if possible, the provision of a Python or MATLAB script for this purpose. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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If you know Julia, I have a package called EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl that is designed to do this.

It currently can fit and evaluate $E(V)$, $P(V)$, and $B(V)$ on several equations of state:

  1. Murnaghan 1st EOS
  2. Birch–Murnaghan EOS family:
    1. Birch–Murnaghan 2nd
    2. Birch–Murnaghan 3rd
    3. Birch–Murnaghan 4th
  3. Vinet EOS
  4. Poirier–Tarantola EOS family:
    1. Poirier–Tarantola 2nd
    2. Poirier–Tarantola 3rd

It can even reversibly solve the $V$ from a given $P$ or $E$ for certain equations of state.

The documentation is here.

The fitting method used is from this paper.


Here are some references from my own work:

Things to look out for:

  • I would consistently work with energy per atom, which is a normalized quantity
  • use a consistent energy baseline (typically the smallest total energy of interest) which you subtract from your energies to stabilize the fit

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