I have been studying about metamaterials and their amazing abilities to interact with EM Waves.
I came across a concept called Metamaterial cloaking (something like Harry Potter's invisible cloak kinda material). I also know that most of them are based on artificial structures called Split Ring Resonators.
There have been some research works using COMSOL for metamaterial modelling but I would like to know what are some better software programs that could be used to computationally study and research about metamaterials?


I am not specialised in metamaterial modelling (even though my group does just that and I have designed a couple of SRRs myself), but I believe the most widely used software for designing antennas and metamaterials including SRRs is CST Studio. It is equipped with many tools to design even complex nanostructures in a few clicks and run the full wave simulations.

CST can be integrated with matlab and controlled from a matlab code which is very useful to automate those structure designing and simulations. CST is meant for Windows OS but has a Linux distribution too which I managed to install and work with on my Ubuntu OS.

That being said, this is a commercial software, so you might have to look for a university/company license.


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