I am a beginner of using VASP to do material Modelling. I have made a heterostructure model written in the form of POSCAR file. But the supercell is too big (it contains 60 atom) so that the computational speed is slow(unreasonably slow) even I put it into the cluster. How can I made an effective INCAR setting to do the calculation in structure relaxation and Self-Consistent Calculation process.

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    $\begingroup$ Can you supply an INCAR and some cluster details (CPU count etc) in your question? A representative POSCAR could also be useful (you can change the system if need be, just be sure it is vaguely similar). $\endgroup$ – Tristan Maxson Oct 6 at 16:09
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    $\begingroup$ As with most DFT calculations, symmetries will help reduce the computation load. With heterostructures, this can get tricky because symmetries of a monolayer may be broken when you include the other layer in the system. Have you looked at your VASP output to see if any symmetries were recognized? Apart from this, the general ways of speeding up the calculation is to reduce plane wave cutoff (ENCUT) and reducing density of k-mesh. $\endgroup$ – Xivi76 Oct 6 at 21:38

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