How do I know if the reconstruction in the picture is a 2 x 2 reconstruction or not?


I believe that this corresponds to a 2x2 reconstruction because there's an even horizontal and vertical distance between the half-order and the full-order points in the corners of the pattern but I don't really understand how this is any different from a 4x4 or so.

On the Wikipedia page on LEED the following image is shown, representing the superposition of two different patterns, the 2x1, and the 1x2 patterns. These look identical to me apart from the direction of the drawn rectangle which thus far I have presumed to be a choice of the individual.

                                      enter image description here

Can these projections also indicate if such a surface is faceted? If so, how can this be deduced?

  • $\begingroup$ I cant help answer, but I can point out your interpretation of the diagram from wikipedia is probably correct. They are the same, but its showing that you may have domains aligned differently, which superimpose to give the pattern in LEED. I think we have a few people that know LEED better than me around here though $\endgroup$ – Tristan Maxson Jan 18 at 15:54

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