I am trying to replicate the $\Delta G_0$ part from this paper.

According to the paper, $\Delta G_0$ is 30% of the difference between atomic energy for per $\ce{Mg}$ atom in the bulk structure and the energy of one $\ce{Mg+}$ ion. I was able to calculate the bulk energy per atom as -1.505 eV and verified it with respect to cohesive energy obtained in multiple papers (energy of isolated atom is -5.527e-4, so can be neglected). However, I am not getting consistent results with respect to the $\ce{Mg+}$ ion. According to the paper, I am supposed to get $\Delta G_0$ as 3.03 eV. This implies that the difference should be around 10.1 eV (or, energy of Mg+ ion should be 10.1-1.505 = 8.595 eV). However, I am getting it as 7.8877 eV.

I used the following tags in INCAR:

ISTART=0         # start new job
ICHARG=2         # 2 for atom
INIWAV=1         # initial wave function
ENCUT= 250.00 eV # Energy cut-off for calculation
PREC = Accurate    # Normal Precision
LREAL= AUTO   # real space projection .FALSE.
LCHARGE= .FALSE  # no charge file output
LWAVE= .FALSE    # no wavefile output
ISMEAR = 1;     # tetrahedron method with Bloech 1 correction
SIGMA = 0.2      # smearing value
ISIF = 2;        # 2- scf CALCULATION/IONIC MOVEMENT # 3 for volume relax
IBRION=2         # cg
NSW=200           # number of step for ionic update
EDIFF=1E-5       # stopping criteria for electronic update
LMONO = .TRUE. # monopole corrections

Also, I have used Gamma centred Monkhorst pack grid of 1x1x1.

Please suggest corrections or any inputs to improve the result.

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