I am trying to learn the characterization of Weyl nodes computationally. For this, I am using Wannier90 and Z2pack codes in interface with Quantum ESPRESSO. I have done scf, nscf, bands structure, DOS, etc calculations in Quantum ESPRESSO, earlier. I want to learn how I can characterize the presence of Weyl nodes using these codes. I think for this I have to calculate the Chern number for a surface (spherical) which enclosed the Weyl points in k-space. For Weyl nodes, it should be +1 and -1 (opposite chirality).

I want to know, what steps do I have to follow to get the result, eg. in band structure calculation we perform SCF, bands calculation with pw.x executable and then use the bands.x to get the .dat files. What do I have to do in this case? I have already installed all the codes and interfaces.
I have surfed on the internet a lot but didn't get any clarified tutorial for this. Please share your experience if you have done it. It will be helpful.


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