BoltzTraP code is giving errors in Quantum espresso of indentation and then Typerror: 'Float' object can not be interpreted as an integer. What should I do to run this properly? What should I update or change? Maybe environment of the system is not set, But how to do that?

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    – Tyberius
    Commented Feb 6, 2022 at 18:54

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To summarize the discussion from the comments/chat, the errors you are seeing are likely due trying to run BoltzTraP using Python3.9 when it is a Python2 program. I imagine some of these errors can be resolved simply by running this program with Python2.7.

However, neither Python2 nor BoltzTraP are actively developed. BoltzTraP2 is a more up to date Python module that works with Python3.5+. If you want to take advantage of or request potential bug fixes and new features, it would probably be best to switch to the newer version of this program.


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