It's well known that VASP can print three orthogonal spin projections at each k point corresponding to each band in the file PROCAR controlled by the tags LORBIT and RWIGS. Is there a way to obtain the same information from calculations done by QE?

This problem is also discussed here.

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If you do a noncollinear calculation, you can then get the spin projections along the x, y and z axes by utilizing the post-processing executable pp.x and choosing plot_num=7 and spin_component=1/2/3. You can see other options in the input documentation.


I noticed the following answer on QE mail list from Thomas Brumme, which is inconsistent with the answer suggested by Maxim-s:

Dear Luiz,

the correct tool you search is bands.x - if you look at the description of it, you will find the key word

lsigma(i), i=1,3 which does the job. Usually, bands.x is used for paths along high symmetry lines in the BZ but you can also provide a full MP grid if you want to plot the spin texture in the whole BZ. I actually did this for a manuscript which is in the still-to-be-finalized stage since ages...

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