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Questions tagged [ab-initio-calculations]

For questions about ab-initio (first principle) calculations.

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How to reproduce 2D small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) interferogram of water via ab-initio MD methods?

I am trying to reproduce the 2D SAXS interference pattern of bulk water via ab initio MD methods as shown in the figure below: The main aim is to recreate figure (a) via averaging MD configurations ...
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What are the parameters in PySCF's Selected Configuration Interaction code

Dear StackExchange Members, I'm using the native PySCF implementation of selected configuration interaction (SCI). However, I can't seem to find any documentation detailing the algorithm or various ...
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What do Negative Atomic Orbital Contributions in a Mulliken Population Analysis mean?

I am performing a Mulliken population analysis (MPA) for a molecular system of interest (calculated with B3LYP/Def2-TZVP). I am analyzing the LCAO-MO coefficients/contributions associated with each &...
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Actual calculation of Coulomb energy in DFT softwares

I have a question about the actual calculation of classical Coulomb interaction term in density functional theory (DFT) softwares. Of course I understand the form Coulomb energy as: $\int\int \frac{\...
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Query regarding individual polarization calculation using CP2K

I am seeking assistance in calculating the individual polarization matrix from CP2K. While utilizing the Polar input under FORCE_EVAL -> PROPERTIES -> LINRES -> POLAR, I observed that the ...
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CCSD calculation between two orbitals

I am trying to calculate the CCSD energies between two orbitals. Suppose I have a system, ...
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Photorealistic Rendering: How To?

i have started computationally modelling materials from first principles recently, my code of choice being VASP [6.1.0]. Recently i have come across this paper in Nature: DOI:10.1038/s41567-023-01960-...
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Carbon Capture Research - Force Constants & Basis Sets

Greetings Matter Modeling, I'm researching carbon capture dynamics in the context of sorbent regeneration. The UN IPCC Net-Zero goal requires 75 Mt-CO₂/year captured by 2030. According to the IEA, we ...
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What kinds of calculations have to execute for obtaining the velocity of the chemical precipitation of some salt on a thread from a water-salt mix?

Some salt ($\ce{NaCl}$ or another one) of $m$ grams is dissolved in some water of $V$ liters. After mixing up, the substance looks transparent or to put it more exact as a chemical solution. Then a ...
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Setting a frozen core in Molpro

I am carrying out a project which involves obtaining the RHF result and the integrals for the chromium dimer (Cr2) under Ahlrichs' SV basis. In the literature against which we attempt to benchmark, ...
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Clarification Needed about Topological Invariants

I am seeking clarification on whether choosing the appropriate topological invariants has any relation to the dimensionality of the system. I understand that in three-dimensional (3D) materials, the ...
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What is a relaxed reduced density matrix?

I am trying to understand how to calculate electronic properties using reduced density matrices from electronic structure calculation. So far, I understand (I think) that for the expectation value of ...
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Why do constrained geometry scans behave differently based on the starting conformation?

In relation to my previous questions here and here, I figured that orca would be a better choice for my calculations. This was partly due to the inability of psi4 to converge to a minimum at many of ...
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Error in VASP calculation

I have been trying to do Piezoelectric and Elastic calculations for my system in VASP, and i ended up with this error. Spin polarized Harris functional is a good joke What am I doing wrong? Here is ...
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BURAI eliminates atoms when I try to modify the input file

I'd like to get the monolayer input file for MoS2 using BURAI 1.3. I downloaded the .cif file from Materials Project and with the Modeler function I created a Monolayer MoS2 but when I clicked "...
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