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Questions about the finite element analysis software ABAQUS.

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Abaqus UMAT [Fortran]: how to call a function from another function without getting "unresolved external symbol"

I am currently working on implementing a material model in an Abaqus UMAT. The code is structured like this ...
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Why does naming a variable "NU" instead of e.g. "ANU" change the output of my UMAT? (Abaqus/Fortran)

I am starting to learn how to write UMATs in Abaqus, so I took the most simple example, which is linear elasticity (Hooke's law), and implemented it. I tested it on a 3D-rectangular body with a fixed ...
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"The executable package.exe aborted with system error code 1073740940" in ABAQUS with the following VUMAT for crystal plasticity [closed]

I am new to crystal plasticity simulations and have been studying the concepts from "Introduction to Crystal Plasticity" in Mechanics of Microstructured Materials book. Additionally, I have ...
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