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For questions about modeling the adsorption, the process of molecules attaching to a solid surface.

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Is there a way to estimate the energy of desorption of an adsorbed molecule?

I'm studying the adsorption of several molecules in metal organic frameworks (MOFs) using both experimental and computational methods. Experimetally I can easily obtain the temperature at which a ...
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XANES simulation software/code besides FEFF for Pt L3 edge?

I need to generate the XANES region spectra of the Pt L3 edge of a theoretical Pt6 crystal with adsorbed atoms/molecules, such as $\ce{Pt(H^*), Pt(O^*), Pt(OH^*),Pt(CO^*)}$. It is for generating ...
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How to estimate adsorption energy of Li atom on graphene?

I would like to reproduce the data of adsorption energies published in paper. For example, they say the adsorption energy for Li atom on graphene is -1.19 eV (estimated by GGA-PBE). I used vasp (5.4) ...
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How can I find the area of an overlayer structure?

What sources would you recommend (or if you could instead explain it to me that would be great). I have never studied crystallography but must do a module on it and in some of the questions we were ...
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Converge number of layers of atoms or number of unit cells for adsorption calculations? [closed]

I'm trying to calculate the adsorption energies of various adsorbates on Fe2O3 surfaces (although, with there being many possible surfaces for Fe2O3 it is quite complex, but that's for another time...)...
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Semi-infinite surfaces for adsorption: a valid approach?

I'm currently trying to surface reaction of small molecules on metal oxides in VASP. Several papers I've read have approached surface energy calculations in a variety of ways. I first began looking at ...
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What are the steps to prepare a solid-solid interface for adsorption studies in plane-wave DFT?

Please, how may one simulate a solid-solid interface that one can carry out adsorption studies from. I tried using virtual nanolab in Quantum ATK but didn't get a hand of it.
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Fermi level change in surfaces with adsorbed molecules

In a DFT standard calculation of a solid 3D material (i.e. bulk metal), one of the properties that can be obtained is the Fermi level $E_F$. This feature is related with the required work to add an ...
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