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Questions tagged [atomic-simulation-environment]

For questions about the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE) tools and Python modules

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35 votes
20 answers

What are the freely available crystal-structure visualization softwares?

I use VESTA mostly for crystal structure visualizations. What other options are available?
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1 answer

How to stack a nanocrystal on top of a graphene slab in ASE?

I'm trying to model a 2D TMD (transition metal dichalcogenide) nanocrystal on a graphene substrate. I know how to generate 2D TMDs through the MX2 module, and I certainly know how to make graphene on ...
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22 votes
1 answer

What are the pre/post processing tools available for VASP?

I am aware of pyPROCAR and VASPKIT. Are there any other tools supporting VASP
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1 answer

Read a data file into the atoms object in ASE

There isn't that many tutorials on Atomic Simulation Environment on the net and among those I saw, the atoms object is always built explicitly within Python. What if I have a data file containing the ...
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2 answers

How do you write an .xyz file in the Atomic Simulation Environment?

I built a supercell of a molecular crystal and wish to write an .xyz file in ASE. How do I do that? The molecule has three different types of elements, C, H, and N.
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12 votes
2 answers

How to sort a supercell for a molecular crystal?

I am trying to build a supercell of the following (below) molecular crystal from its .cif file. How do I sort a supercell here according to each molecule in the supercell? I'm not tethered to a ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Continuous Coordination Number Definition

I am interested in quantifying the coordination number of some atoms in metals and am curious what approaches to defining a coordination number are possible for an atom. In particular, I am curious ...
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How to calculate the surface area of a stepped surface slab in a unit cell? [closed]

I am trying to calculate the surface energies of Ni fcc (111) and (311) surfaces, therefore I need to calculate the surface areas. I use periodic slabs to model these surfaces. For a flat fcc (111) ...
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1 answer

ASE GPAW variable cell relaxation

Ive been trying to do a vc relax using GPAW and ASE on the BaTiO3 unitcell. The input file is as below: ...
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2 answers

How to run simulation box relaxation with EAM callculator in ASE

I am trying to use EAM calculator in ASE. I want to perform simulation box relaxation with EAM potential. The code is working fine with EMT but fails in EAM as stress property is not implemented with ...
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