Questions tagged [basis-set-superposition-error]

For questions about correcting basis set superposition errors (BSSE), which tend to occur when evaluating binding energies.

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What are the scientific justifications of the binding energy equation?

There are many problems where we want to calculate the binding energy between two systems. Normally, we have a system A, adsorbent (a surface, a nanotube, a protein, etc.), that interact with a system ...
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Does the accuracy of RI-MP2 follow the higher number of zetas of the main and fitting bases?

It has been answered to my previous question that RI-MP2/cc-pVTZ/cc-pVTZ gives results of the same quality as MP2/cc-pVTZ. I then started to think about RI-MP2/cc-pVTZ/cc-pVQZ. The term "basis ...
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