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Questions tagged [biomaterials]

Questions relating to biomaterials modeling.

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Protein cavities - methodological starting point for basic characterization

Characterizing surface properties is important for understanding how proteins execute their function by interacting with other molecules. This includes characterizing cavities. Perhaps the simplest ...
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How to characterize surface features in proteins?

When looking at the structure of protein domains I notice many of them show a cleft-like structure in the same location (when aligned to each other). What is a recommended way of characterizing these ...
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Theoretical origins of stereochemistry

What are the current theories of computational chemistry for studying homochirality (for example the phenomenon discussed here, here and in many other places)? Electroweak chemistry has been developed ...
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How much of a difference in a protein's radius of gyration can be considered significant?

In molecular dynamics simulations of proteins, the radius of gyration is often used to assess the compactness of a protein. When comparing two protein radius of gyration, what difference can be ...
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Docking proteins with glycans

Do you know of a good software or web server tool that helps doing docking of proteins with rather large glycans? An example I'm interested in is tens of dimers of sugars (or similar), docked to ...
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What is the purpose of DSSP when using martinize2?

I am studying an IDP with a lot of helical secondary structure, and trying to find a trajectory that I can use as an ensemble that fits my SAXS data. My starting models are the output from the Robetta ...
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How to do molecular dynamics calculations and analyse trajectories of small molecules? [closed]

I need to perform some MD calculations and then trajectories of some small molecules analyzed. What I have is protein cofactor (FAD) small molecule (either single O2 molecule or single Chlorine atom) ...
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How are diffusion coefficients calculated?

To support my laboratory result, I'm searching for an MD/statistical mechanics approach to predict translational diffusion coefficients in the liquid phase. I'm aiming to describe small peptides and ...
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Simulating a circuit diagram for action potential [closed]

Cable theory is a good simulation for the resting potential. It imagines patches of cell membrane lipid bilayer as capacitors and transmembrane ion channels as resistors. But it seems this model is ...
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How do I model drug diffusion from polymeric matrix? [closed]

I have been redirected to this forum from Chemistry SE. My problem consists of a structure (say a cylinder) made from a homogenous distribution of a drug from a polymeric matrix. These compounds are ...
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Force field for charged peptide-ion system

I'm now currently simulating the system in which charged peptide (ARG, LYS, ASP, GLU) is solvated in electrolyte solution. MD simulation was performed based on the AMBER14ffSB force field, but in here ...
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Is there a site to obtain or create membranes?

I am interested in creating an enterocyte intestinal basal membrane. So, I wonder if there is a database or site where the membrane could be downloaded or created.
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Has there been any work done on fluid dynamic or acoustic modeling of the human oral (or nasal) cavity?

The purpose is for me to develop a deeper understanding of speech production and how distinct features that identify a phenome are produced. ab initio models based on classical & statistical ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Non-Covalent Interaction between drug and DNA?

I am using classical molecular dynamics (MD) to observe a non-covalent interaction between my complex and the DNA, but there is a problem in that the complex interacts with the terminal of the DNA for ...
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Convergence issues in DFTB+ calculations?

I am trying to calculate the Fermi level of a DNA-graphene system. I was able to get the calculations for graphene and DNA strand to converge separately. However, when I try to calculate the same for ...
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Why is the Alphafold PAE (predicted aligned error) not symmetric?

Cross-posted on AI Stack Exchange. We are running alphafold2 multimer on Google Colab to predict the association between two proteins. It generally works fine, but we get an asymmetric PAE plot for a ...
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How to select the best features for a drug discovery model? [closed]

I would like to build a regression model to predict a property of molecules not yet synthesized. I have calculated 5666 alvadesc descriptors for each SMILES in my experimental dataset, but comparing ...
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How to control the thickness of lipid bilayer with GROMACS

I was trying to perform lipid bilayer MD for my protein based on GROMACS's Membrane Protein Tutorial. I can successfully orient the protein in the lipid (turquoise) as you can see in the image below: ...
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Chemical Structure of Iron Manganese Silicate Nanoparticle (IMSN) Nanozyme? [closed]

Hope you're doing well. Actually I am working on a project related to DNA regulated Nanozyme and I have a nanozyme of mesoporous silica "Iron Manganese Silicate nanoparticle (IMSN) nanozyme"....
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What does "dynamics" mean in matter modeling?

As an example, I have seen the phrase "dynamics of proteins" or "dynamics of biomolecules". The review paper "Protein Dynamics" by J A McCammon has the word in its title, ...
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Why is this geometry optimization in Gaussian not working for a system containing an amino acid, a water molecule and a metal (Pb) ion?

I started optimising a system containing amino acid residue, water molecule and a toxic metal ion, in proving a supposed reaction steps that might take place in inhibiting enzyme activity. The ...
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How are quantum computers being used in drug design? [closed]

A biomaterials question this time. How are quantum computers being used in drug discovery and design?
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