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For questions regarding optimizations of unit cell dimensions.

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VASP structure relaxes to an incorrect ground state

I am using VASP to perform a structural relaxation of $\ce{CuNCN}$. I am using the PAW-PBE POTCAR files for the same and the KPOINTS have been generated using a script. The POSCAR file has been ...
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Converging geometry of iron slab

I am a sort-of-beginner in Quantum Espresso. I do understand certain terminology in the INPUT file but I am faced with a dilemma. I have been trying to optimize $\ce{Fe}(110)$ system of 100 atoms ...
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Meaning of lattice parameters in vc relax calculations

I am performing vc relax calculations to find the effect of pressure on the cell. Both tensile and compression pressure. But I am confused about the lattice ...
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What's the Difference between Lattice Statics and Lattice Dynamics?

For example, in something like the General Utility Lattice Program, you perform structural optimisation and then use phonons to calculate properties like elastic constants etc. The latter part seems ...
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3 answers

Cu FCC vc-relax method error

Reference: Density Functional Theory: A Practical Introduction, David Sholl, Janice A. Steckel, Chapter 2, Page No. 48 Section 2.2 The fcc Cu calculations in Fig. 2.3 used a cubic supercell with 4 Cu ...
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How to do lattice optimization, encut optimization and Kpoint optimization in VASP?

What is the procedure to do lattice optimization, encut optimization and kpoint optimization in VASP? Thank you in advance.
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What parameters have to converge before doing a relax calculation?

I am a beginner of Quantum Espresso. I have taken 221 MoS2 Monolayer and done a relax calculation. In case of bulk system, or any doping in supercell, which is preferred: ...
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1 answer

Why volume of unit cell is not the same as cubing the lattice constant?

I have a cubic-FCC with a=b=c and $\alpha$=$\beta$=$\gamma$=$90^o$. As far as I understand the volume of this cubic unit cell should be a cube of the lattice constant. But this not the case I am ...
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Pressure applied DFT calculations in Quantum ESPRESSO

I am trying to perform the pressure-induced DFT calculations in Quantum ESPRESSO. For this, I have calculated the lattice constant of the cubic structure by vc-relax...
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In VASP, which option is better for monolayer relaxation: ISIF=3 or ISIF=4?

Since I have started working on monolayers I was using the ISIF=3 tag for relaxation, this was after recompiling VASP with the modified "...
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Structure relaxation of a thin film structure in VASP

I have some general questions about doing the structure relaxation of a thin film structure in VASP. I want to study the how the band structure evolves as we increase the number of layers of the ...
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Smearing and charge balance for tungsten with interstitial oxygen in Quantum ESPRESSO

What smearing would be ideal for a bcc W with interstitial O atom. I am running 3x3x3 unit cells with one N interstitial. I am having convergence issues in relax ...
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2 answers

Getting different total magnetic moment in 'scf' and 'vc-relax' calculations in Quantum ESPRESSO

I am performing a spin polarized DFT calculations in Quantum Espresso on a Co2MnSi ferromagnetic crystal. For this I have performed these steps: 1) Performed ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Should I do vc-relax with nspin=2 in Quantum Espresso for magnetic samples?

I'm a beginner when it comes to DFT and Quantum Espresso. Consider I have a lattice which has associated magnetic properties. So for geometric optimization should I take into account the magnetic ...
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When should "vc-relax" be performed over "relax" calculations in Quantum ESPRESSO?

I'm new to Quantum ESPRESSO and I have read that there are several scenarios when relax calculations are preferred over vc-relax calculations, for example in maintaining vacuum while modelling surface....
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