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How to calculate charge transfer (CT) in NBO Analysis using Gaussian 09?

I have a coronene structure, functionalized with hydroxyl groups. I want to calculate the charge transfer (CT) between the coronene and the hydroxyl group, using NBO analysis as implemented in ...
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What is the basic equation for total charge calculation from a 3D cube file of charge density file?

I have a 3D charge density file, calculated from Quantum Espresso DFT. If someone calculates the total charge (number of electrons) of an unit cell from that cube file (using a numerical approximation ...
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Transiesta output through a single gold atom

I am looking for the electron transport study in a single gold atom, like the system of single carbon atom shown in transiesta paper by Nick Papior et al. Computer Physics Communications, 212, 8-24, (...
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How to extract information from Charge Density Different?

I would like to learn more about Charge density different and would like suggestion for how to get any information from the Charge Density Different plots. How accurate it is and if anyone have ...
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How to perform charge analysis for a molecule

I am doing dehydrogenation of a molecule (say $\ce{C12H12}$) and I want to do charge analysis for dehydrogenated system ($\ce{C6H6}$). How I can proceed? I can use Quantum ESPRESSO and Gaussian ...
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How can I do a charge transfer study in bulk crystalline materials?

Let's say a supercell has 100 atoms, and we want to see how charge is transferred from/to an atom to/from its nearest neighbours. I am more interested in knowing how to do this with density functional ...
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Working with charged surfaces

A previous question addressed how to deal with charge defects in bulk materials. What can be done to treat a 2D surface with respect to charge? For example, how can an absorption energy of OH- on Pt(...
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3D Poisson equation solver for arbitrary charge distribution?

I am trying to compute the electrostatic potential profile from a distribution of point-charges that were output from an MD simulation. Does anyone know of ready-made Poisson solver packages that are ...
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How is Poier and Jensen's Bond Capacity Model Parameterized and Optimized?

I am working on adding a charge polarization model into my own research and have been exploring a few approaches. One of the most attractive options is the Bond Capacity (BC herein) model of Paolo and ...
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How are charge transfer processes modeled in materials?

I'm interested in looking at current flow across a nanoscale junction, specifically a pair of electrodes linked by a molecular bridge. How is this sort of problem typically approached? I'm vaguely ...
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