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For questions related to the Coupled Cluster electronic structure method.

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Extended Hybrid Methods

Hybrid DFT methods, where the functional is supplemented with Hartree-Fock exchange, have become increasingly popular due to their low cost and decent accuracy. Double hybrids, which mix in an MP2 ...
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What is the largest system that has been studied by the coupled cluster method?

This is parallel to the analogous question about the largest DFT calculation: What is the largest material that has been studied using density functional theory? I assume we allow high performance ...
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Analytic gradient for DLPNO-CCSD

Is there a formula for analytical gradients (for geometry optimization) for the DLPNO-CCSD method? I ask because I know that it is not implemented in ORCA. Maybe PNO-CCSD is implemented in MRCC or ...
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Interfacing MRCC with CFOUR for dynamic polarizability

I have asked this question on the MRCC forum but did not get an answer. I am trying to understand how to use CFOUR with the MRCC program for computing dynamic polarizability. To begin with, I am ...
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What do size-extensivity and size-consistency mean?

I have heard both terms in various lectures and books on quantum chemistry, however, I have not found a proper explanation of them. As I understand now, size consistency of a method means for example, ...
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What's the best code for getting 1-particle and 2-particle density matrices with CCSD(T) in Python?

I have been using PySCF to calculate the 1-particle and 2-particle density matrix from ccsd(T) wavefunction using these modules in-built in PySCF make_rdm1() and <...
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