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Questions tagged [derivations]

Questions about mathematical derivations.

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11 votes
2 answers

How to derive the effective Hamiltonian of two-dimensional TMDCs monolayers?

TMDs are transition metal dichalcogenides and have the chemical formula MX$_2$ where M is the transition metal and X is the chalcogen. An example of a TMD is MoSe$_2$. I would like to demonstrate that ...
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7 votes
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Deriving relations for a hard sphere phase diagram [closed]

In Torquato's book "Random Heterogeneous Materials", he has written: $$\frac{p}{\rho kT} = 1+2^{d-1}\eta g_2 (D^{+})\tag{1}$$ where $g_2(D^+)$ is the contact value from the right-side of the ...
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