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Questions tagged [dielectric-constants]

Questions on dielectric constants as they relate to materials modeling.

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Dielectric tensor εij (total)

How may I calculate the Dielectric Tensor εij (total) like here? In the OUTCAR, I see both ...
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Photorealistic Rendering: How To?

i have started computationally modelling materials from first principles recently, my code of choice being VASP [6.1.0]. Recently i have come across this paper in Nature: DOI:10.1038/s41567-023-01960-...
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Non-analytical correction for dielectric constant calculation in VASP

I am calculating the static (low-frequency) dielectric constant for a polar material in VASP. Due to the LO-TO splitting, I need to apply a non-analytical correction. My question is how to do this ...
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Optical proprieties with Quantum espresso

I am a beginner in Quantum Espresso, and I want to calculate optical properties. When I calculate the dielectric functions, it gives me four output files. I don't know which files correspond to the ...
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Query about optical data extraction using Vaspkit

Recently I tried to extract the optical absorption data using Vaspkit (vaspkit.1.3.0/vaspkit.1.3.5]). I performed the optical calculations of one 2d system along with SOC using VASP. While extracting ...
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How can we calculate transverse and longitudinal optical phonon frequencies

Could you please help me to calculate the "transverse and longitudinal optical phonon frequencies" from phonopy+vasp output files? These parameters will help me to calculate the high-...
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1 answer

Do I have to use the same functional for dielectric function calculations, as the one used for relaxing the structure?

This is a general question regarding the practices of doing optical calculations and the role of the ionic contribution to the dielectric function (with heavy reference to VASP). Based on VASP's ...
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Why is there a large discrepancy between calculated frequency dependent dielectric function and experimental measurement?

I am calculating the frequency dependent dielectric function of $\ce{SiC}$ using VASP. After a geometry optimization, the INCAR file below is used for the ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Algorithm for calculating dielectric constant of water TIP3P

I am running a NVT TIP3P simulation of water with 125 molecules of water in a 16-by-16-16 angstrom box with periodic boundary conditions on LAMMPS, with a time-step of 1 fs for 10 ps. Once the ...
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VASP Dielectric constants: What potential to use?

I've simulated the dielectric constants using the LEPSILON = .TRUE. tag and the PBE GPAW potentials. A collegue mentioned that for accurate results norm conserving pseudo-potentials are the way to go. ...
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Is there a way to obtain solution-phase dielectric constants?

I wish to calculate solution-phase dielectric constants (required for a Monte-Carlo model) for CoCl$_2$ and TaS$_2$ dissolved in DMF. Is it possible to estimate these constants from the solid-state ...
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