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Questions concerning educational background in relation to materials modeling.

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Research groups focused on applications vs. theory/methodology

I recently came across a new PhD student who works in a materials modeling group which mainly focuses on applications (doing DFT-based studies on different solid/electrolyte interfaces). To my ...
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Where can I find the MASTANI-2014 tutorial files?

There was a two-week summer school on Density Functional Theory using Quantum ESPRESSO in the summer of 2014 organized by The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), jointly ...
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Course on machine learning on application in material science

Are there any online courses available that is on the application of ML in material science? Any recommendations?
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Computational Materials Physics Course by Stefaan Cottenier (SERVER NOT FOUND)

While I was working today on Computational Materials Physics Course by Stefaan Cottenier, the platform suddenly stopped working. I got the following message. Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that ...
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I'm considering to take an introduction course with textbook "Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction", as a beginner QE user. Is it okay?

People, I am a beginner in material modeling (I am studing solid state in Quantum ESPRESSO) and I am having a lot of difficulty with basic terms like "k-points", "Miller Indices", &...
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Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, but should I pursue it if I'm interested in Matter Modeling?

Since my previous question seems to have a large number of views, I would like to ask my central question. I am a student now and should decide my major to research soon. AI/ML is a very hot research ...
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What kind of chemistry background to get to pursue computational chemistry from an IT background?

What kind of chemistry background to get to pursue computational chemistry from an IT background? I have no background in chemistry, and there might be others like me. But I know about computer models....
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Easy ways to generate "teaching" band structures in Python?

I'd like to introduce band structure to a class of undergraduate chemists, along the lines of Roald Hoffmann's Solids and Surfaces. That is, I'd like to start with a s-band in 1D, which is easy ...
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Is it better for me to study chemistry or physics?

I might decide to pursue material science. Aptitude and background I am from the UK, and for A-levels, I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, and I am predicted decent grades in ...
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What are good resources to learn to code for matter modeling?

A little bit of coding can a long way in matter modeling. Coding is not used only to write big programs but can be used for scripting, data processing, automation, and more. But sometimes many ...
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Has DFT helped in development of better solar materials?

I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Materials Science and more focused towards solar materials to make it more efficient and reducing the energy payback time. I had taken this course and was ...
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How to find good universities for matter modeling?

When applying for PhD programs or looking for research experiences, what is a good way to evaluate the quality of a school's matter modeling research portfolio? For broader disciplines (physics, ...
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Do we have authorship rankings in our field or related fields? [closed]

I was reading about the field of "energy economics" and found it fascinating that there is a list of "top 20" authors: At first this seemed strange: What does it even mean to be ...
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Bond Order: When and how is it used today?

We all learned about single vs double vs triple bonds in high school chemistry and biology. We learned that unsaturated fats have double bonds whereas saturated fats have only single bonds, which ...
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How would you explain Density Functional Theory to a high school student?

I find the experiments to be relatively easy to explain to my young cousins (who are planning to take scientific reserach as a career option). I find the theoretical works, especially the ones which ...
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Copyright war: preprint servers vs journals transfer [closed]

This questions is not directly related to Matter Modeling, but it is related with the way we share/publish our research. Let suppose that someone deposited a manuscript in a preprint server. Then, he/...
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What mathematics/computation heavy resources are available for understanding materials behaviour?

Since materials modelling is made possible primarily because of the availability of mathematical models, are there any resources that provide a mathematics heavy picture of materials behaviour? I am ...
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What type of education is appropriate for people interested in Materials Modeling?

What type of education is appropriate for people interested in Materials Modeling? Obviously, the more education, the better. I'm sure a PhD in physics, another in chemistry, topped off with one in ...
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