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For questions concerning electronic structure concepts and calculations.

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Is there a software that can do derivatives with respect to user defined vibrational modes?

I'm doing some property calculations that depend on a sum of derivatives of some quantity with respect to normal vibrational modes. I was hoping to find some physical intuition relating the type of ...
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Variation of Conduction band minimum and valence band maximum with applied strain in semconductors

I have been using the Deformation Potential theory to evaluate the electron scattering rates in nanomaterials. In each case, I was under the impression that the Conduction Band Minimum (CBM) and the ...
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Benchmarking DFT vs Experimental Gaps - Confusion over Fundamental and Optical Gaps

Recently, I've come across discussions about the differences between fundamental (or electronic) bandgaps and optical bandgaps, with the two quantities differing mainly by the electron-hole binding ...
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How to get energy gap change at specific high symmetry points during ab initio molecular simulations?

I want to check the energy gap change during finite temperature ab initio molecular simulations. The results may look like this picture: How can set aimd simulation to get this result in VASP?
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How to read UPF pseudopotential for ultrasoft pseudopotential simple in a fortran program

I'm currently working on calculating semiempirical local and nonlocal matrix elements for Ga. To proceed with my calculations, I need to extract specific parameters from the UPF (Unified ...
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Inconsistent band structure of bilayer graphene

Context I am performing band structure calculations for bilayer graphene using QE codes. I used X-crysden for the k-point mesh ...
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Electronic Structure Calculation with External Field

There are various programs for calculating energy states for molecules (ORCA, Gaussian, ...). Is there also software that allows the same simulations with an additional external potential (e.g. ...
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How to perform carrier doping (hole/electron) for 2D materials by Quantum Espresso?

I tried to set the tot_charge parameter of Quantum Espresso to alter the charge of the system, but the phonon spectrum I obtained was very strange. Could anyone ...
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Plane wave expansion of the wavefunction for periodic material modelling

The aim is to do an electronic calculation with static nucleus with Plane wave (PW) basis functions for an infinite periodic material. The number of functions is given by the pairs of reciprocal ...
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PySCF two-electron integrals between two fragments

I am trying to compute integrals of the form $(pq|rs)$ where the orbitals $p$ and $q$ are orthogonalized atomic orbitals for a fragment $A$ and $r,s$ are orthogonalized on fragment $B$. I was thinking ...
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Determination of fluorescence lifetime by using oscillator strength?

$$k_r=2.88\times10^{-9}n^2\langle\tilde{v}\rangle_\text{av}^2 \int\varepsilon_{\tilde{v}}d\tilde{v}$$ $$f=4.32\times10^{-9}\int\varepsilon_{\tilde{v}}d\tilde{v}$$ I plan to use the above equations to ...
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Graphene Band Structure with SIESTA

I am struggling with getting a correct band structure for even pristine graphene using SIESTA. The issue is almost certainly the K point path. My graphene sheet (128C atoms) isn't the traditional ...
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Database of surface electronic structure

I'd like to compare my simulation result of a TiO2-110 surface's electronic structure, but all the literature shows too many different results, so I'd like to look for a database for surface ...
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