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Questions on finite element methods as they pertain to materials modeling.

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Calculating the electrostatic potential of a molecule: what is a good 3D Poisson equation solver? [closed]

I was wondering if anybody can recommend an easy-to-use library/program to solve the 3D Poisson equation $\nabla^2 V(r,\theta,\phi) = \rho(r,\theta,\phi)$ with vanishing solutions at infinity: $$V(r,\...
6 votes
0 answers

Modeling magnetic field of permanent magnet: Where to start? [closed]

I would like to model magnetic field of a permanent magnet like this one magnet . Ideally, I would like to do it python or any other language. I would like to start with some simple geometry and some ...
6 votes
2 answers

Books and online resources to get me started in the finite element method (FEM)

In a course on the mechanical properties of materials, I have been asked to do a paper on the "Finite Element Method" to improve my current grade. However, most of the resources I find on ...
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"The executable package.exe aborted with system error code 1073740940" in ABAQUS with the following VUMAT for crystal plasticity [closed]

I am new to crystal plasticity simulations and have been studying the concepts from "Introduction to Crystal Plasticity" in Mechanics of Microstructured Materials book. Additionally, I have ...
10 votes
2 answers

Why are my publications getting accepted without much review from some journals, but getting rejected by the journal Computational Materials Science?

My field of research is computational materials science/mechanics. My work is on the "numerical modeling of shot peening process". This is a typical publication in my field. My work is not ...
12 votes
1 answer

3D Poisson equation solver for arbitrary charge distribution?

I am trying to compute the electrostatic potential profile from a distribution of point-charges that were output from an MD simulation. Does anyone know of ready-made Poisson solver packages that are ...
19 votes
2 answers

What are some common techniques for building multiscale models for materials?

Most, if not all, material systems are multiscale in nature that are described by different physics at different length and time scales, ranging from density functional theory (DFT) to phase field ...