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Questions related to forcefield development and use in matter modeling.

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DIY molecular dynamics for Xenes on crystal surfaces; where can I get applicable open-source force field parameters that I can use in my scripts?

The linked question(s) below describes a DIY project to simulate how Xenes (honeycomb nets of atoms like graphehe) behave on single crystal surfaces. Behaviors include rotation, strain, and heigh ...
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Reference textbooks for calculating pressures/stress/strain/tensors?

Is there a good reference textbook for calculating pressures/stress/strain/tensors in materials - vapor, liquids and solids? Pure physics is fine, but it would be a bonus if it also included force-...
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Include Li+ in force field for Molecular Dynamics

I want to perform some MD including Li+ ions. Specifically I am interested in Li-TFSI (aka Lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide). I tested both the ATB repository and LigParGen and neither can ...
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Re-parametrization of force fields in LAMMPS

I am interested in trying to re-parametrize existing force fields in LAMMPS (let's say ReaxFF or MYP0) but I am not able to find any clear tutorial or information on how to do so. Do you know of good ...
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