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For questions about modeling of interfaces between crystalline structures.

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How to convert lab frame quaternions and plane normal to misorientation quaternion and crystal plane normal for grain boundaries?

Background Let qA and qB represent unit, orientation quaternions of grain A and grain B of a grain boundary in the lab reference ...
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What does capital sigma followed by an integer (Σn) mean in the context of grain boundaries?

I've just run across a nomenclature for coincidence lattices at grain boundaries which uses a capital greek letter sigma followed by an integer. For example A.D. Rollett's 2016 Grain Boundary ...
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What tools are used for the preparation of grain boundary models?

What methods and tools are used for building models of grain boundaries? I mean initial models that are then optimized using molecular dynamics potentials or a different methods. When I was involved ...
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What kind of information can be extracted from alloy microstructure images converted to Fourier space?

I have some alloy microstructure images, showing elongated grains (darker colours) and the grain boundaries (lighter colours). If I take the Fourier transform of the image, there are directional bands ...
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