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The properties of graphene and their modelling.

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DIY molecular dynamics for Xenes on crystal surfaces; where can I get applicable open-source force field parameters that I can use in my scripts?

The linked question(s) below describes a DIY project to simulate how Xenes (honeycomb nets of atoms like graphehe) behave on single crystal surfaces. Behaviors include rotation, strain, and heigh ...
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How to explain to a five year old why "DFT with local exchange–correlation functionals do(es) not describe van der Waals interactions accurately"?

From How do you explain Canada's Trudeau's power-sharing agreement to a five-year-old (American)?: The "explain to a five-year-old" question is a semi-standard format where the answer ...
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How to understand the time-reversal symmetry in graphene?

A lot of references say that the Dirac cone in graphene is protected by inversion and time-reversal symmetries. How can one understand this statement? How can one show explicitly that the gapless ...
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How to stack a nanocrystal on top of a graphene slab in ASE?

I'm trying to model a 2D TMD (transition metal dichalcogenide) nanocrystal on a graphene substrate. I know how to generate 2D TMDs through the MX2 module, and I certainly know how to make graphene on ...
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Binding energy calculation for Zn atom on armchair graphene slab?

I am trying to repeat the result of this paper for Zn absorbed on the armchair graphene slab. The relaxed top and side structures are the following: The relaxed structure is almost the same as the ...
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Has there been research on improving the strength of graphene-based materials?

I read that brittle materials tend to have an observed strength much less than its theoretical strength because they tend to have surface cracks and whatever tension is applied gets greatly magnified ...
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