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The properties of graphene and their modelling.

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DIY molecular dynamics for Xenes on crystal surfaces; where can I get applicable open-source force field parameters that I can use in my scripts?

The linked question(s) below describes a DIY project to simulate how Xenes (honeycomb nets of atoms like graphehe) behave on single crystal surfaces. Behaviors include rotation, strain, and heigh ...
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Where can I read about Valleytronics?

Where can I read about Valleytronics? Are there any good books or review papers or influential papers on this topic? The question was also posted at the Physics site.
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Transiesta SCF not converged

I have encountered a convergence problem in my structure device in Transiesta calculation, the calculation doesn't converge. Recently I try to decrease the mixing weight parameter to 0.00001. For some ...
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transiesta convergence for defective graphene

I have a defective graphene system - 94 atoms (32 in both electrodes and 30 in scattering). The transiesta run is just not converging. I get this message: ...
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Transiesta convergence issue

I have a graphene system (94 atoms - defective graphene) I was able to converge both right and left electrode runs in just 8 iterations. But the scattering run (transiesta) is not converging even ...
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