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For questions related to the Heisenberg model Hamiltonian.

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What's the most efficient way to obtain the ground state of spin models exactly?

(Note: an earlier version of this question had been asked on Phys.SE before) It is known that finding the ground state of classical spin glasses is NP-hard: it will take (at least) an exponential ...
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Are there any codes to study magnetic materials?

I have used a few codes for studying magnetic materials (specifically core-shell nanoparticles with an AFM shell and an FM core). These are: Vampire: For the calculation of curie temperature via ...
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How to choose the values of J and spin parameters in a heterogeneous spin system?

In this work, graphene-based systems that are described by mixed spin-3/2 and spin-5/2 are studied using the ising-model. A diagram of the structure is shown bellow: The Hamiltonian used is: \begin{...
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What are good random number generators for Monte Carlo calculations?

Many problems in Computational Physics need the use of random number generators. When studying magnetic materials using the Heisenberg/Ising Hamiltonians (related questions about them can be seen here,...
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What measured quantity can be associated to the value of the J parameter in the Heisenberg/Ising hamiltonians?

This question is related to other one here in the MatterModelingSE: Is it possible to calculate/estimate the value of the J parameter to be used in the Heisenberg/Ising hamiltonians? Here J is the ...
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Is it possible to calculate/estimate the value of the J parameter to be used in the Heisenberg/Ising Hamiltonians?

Studying magnetic systems, two frequently used approximations are the Heisenberg and Ising models (a discussion about these approximations can be read here): \begin{equation} \tag{Heisenberg} \hat{H}...
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Is Heisenberg model or in its simplier form Ising model a good approximation to study magnetic systems?

Heisenberg model $$\hat{H}=-\sum_{\langle i j\rangle}J\hat{S}_i\hat{S}_j$$ And in its simplified version, the Ising model $$\hat{H}=-\sum_{\langle ij\rangle}J\hat{S}_i^z\hat{S}_j^z$$ are widely ...
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What are examples of materials that closely correspond to the Heisenberg model?

I use the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model all the time: $ H = J \sum \limits_{\langle i,j \rangle} \vec S_i \cdot \vec S_j$ What are some examples of materials that are well-described by this ...
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