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Questions tagged [integrals]

For 1- and 2-electron integrals in electronic structure calculations, before Hartree-Fock or some other type of self-consistent-field calculation, or the integral transformation which is done after HF or SCF.

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9 votes
3 answers

Which software is good with generally contracted basis sets?

Recently, I learnt that basis sets can be contracted as segmented (like def2 or 6-31G) or general (like cc-PVTZ, or ANO). The general contraction allows all the primitives to appear in all shells, ...
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How do the various programs read or write integrals in FCIDUMP format?

The FCIDUMP format was created by Peter Knowles and Nick Handy circa 1989 and now allows many electronic structure software packages to interact with each other. ...
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19 votes
4 answers

How is group theory used to deduce which of these integrals are equal to 0?

The number of all two-electron integrals: $$ \tag{1} \langle \phi_1 \phi_2|\phi_3\phi_4 \rangle = \int d^3\mathbf r' \int d^3\mathbf r'' \, \phi_1(\mathbf r'') \, \phi_2(\mathbf r') \frac{1}{|\mathbf ...
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Exchange-Correlation Two-Electron Integrals

Do any freely available or proprietary electronic structure packages explicitly compute two-electron exchange correlation integrals? I have found a few derivations to calculate excited state ...
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One-center two-electron integrals between 1s STO

As per @user1271772 's suggestion I am asking this question here again. I am trying to understand SCF cycle by trying to code up solved example from Quantum Chemistry by Levine (page 443, 5th edition)...
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2 answers

What do the indices mean in an FCIDUMP file?

I generated an FCIDUMP file, which is copied below ...
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4 answers

What programs can do electron integrals and SCF calculations with more than one CPU?

Similar to this question which asks for each answer to provide one software that can do CASSCF: I am interested in software that can do integrals, SCF (Hartree-Fock), and the integral transformation, ...
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For software that does not support FCIDUMP format, what format is used and how can we get the software to interact with FCIDUMP integrals?

Complementary to this question: How do the various programs read or write integrals in FCIDUMP format? which attempts to list all electronic structure packages that support the ...
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1 answer

Why is my quantum chemistry software not printing as many 2e- integrals as I expect?

Background: In Hartree-Fock theory, the two-electron integral is given by: $[ij|kl]$ = $\int dx_{1}dx_{2}(\chi_{i}(x_{1})\chi_{j}(x_{1})\frac{1}{r_{12}}\chi_{k}^{*}(x_2)\chi_{l}(x_{2})$ I am ...
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What is the best algorithm for ERIs of contracted gaussian atomic orbitals

I am currently working on python script that does Hartree-Fock-Calculations. I try to avoid packages as good as possible. I've figured out how to calculate the one electron integrals when it comes to ...
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1 answer

Molecular orbital values on grid points in PySCF?

I am looking for a way to easily evaluate individual molecular orbitals on a grid(assuming a single determinant method for now) in PySCF. I am aware on how to generate efficient grids for real-space ...
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Which programs can read an FCIDUMP file for a UHF wavefunction?

Around 4 years ago, a question was asked about which programs can interact with an FCIDUMP file: How do the various programs read or write integrals in FCIDUMP format? In the design of Knowles and ...
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PySCF: How to do CCSD calculations from an FCIDUMP file in HDF5 format?

Recently my question: Why does CCSD work, but not CCSD(T), after reading an FCIDUMP in PySCF? lead to a bug fix that allows users to do CCSD(T) calculations from an FCIDUMP file in PySCF. That was ...
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