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For 1- and 2-electron integrals in electronic structure calculations, before Hartree-Fock or some other type of self-consistent-field calculation, or the integral transformation which is done after HF or SCF.

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PySCF two-electron integrals between two fragments

I am trying to compute integrals of the form $(pq|rs)$ where the orbitals $p$ and $q$ are orthogonalized atomic orbitals for a fragment $A$ and $r,s$ are orthogonalized on fragment $B$. I was thinking ...
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How to read two electron integrals from pyscf

This is a follow-up question to this one I asked a few days ago. I in the meantime talked to my teacher and generate all the necessary integrals in PySCF. For the one electron integrals that isn't an ...
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