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Topic concerning job scheduling and queue management software on high-performance clusters.

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Error with running GROMACS with SLURM

I am running into errors while submitting a job for a basic MD Simulation with HPC on SLURM. My sbatch script reads as follows: ...
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Running multinode parallel Orca calculation without a work load manager (scheduler)

I wonder, if someone has run (runs) parallel Orca calculations on at least two nodes without a work load manager (scheduler)? I am asking because I have several interconnected servers (nodes) I'd like ...
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How can I submit jobs to an HPC scheduler?

It is my first time trying to use an HPC system and I am a bit overwhelmed. I have gone through a course on using HPC systems on Coursera and have a basic idea about using Linux. Could you guys tell ...
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Which schedulers are compatible with a virtual machine?

I have an old TORQUE cluster (out of support) with 4 nodes running on Cent OS 6 and I am having trouble using the latest versions of Matter Modelling software. I recently came across Quantum Mobile ...
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Job scheduler alternatives

The power of computation required to perform a DFT calculation increases with the size of the system. Therefore, for some systems, is mandatory to use high-performance-computers, clusters, and grids. ...
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