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Deep Neural Networks: Are they able to provide insights for the many-electron problem or DFT?

The solution of the many-electron Schrodinger equation is the key to understand the properties of matter. However, it is notorious due to the exponential wall (for example, see section II (C) of ...
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Can Machine Learning lead to the more accurate theories and methods for matter modeling?

There's no doubt about it. Machine Learning (ML) is one of the hottest topics out there and it plays an important role in computational science. One application I have seen is to use ML and Density ...
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At what point in the Hartree-Fock formalism is the Fock operator introduced?

I seem to be having a conceptual problem with HF theory as to where the Fock operator comes from. In order to explain the context of my conceptual problem, I will include how HF was derived according ...
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Is there a system of multiple interacting quantum particles for which the density can be obtained analytically?

I know that it is impossible for real electrons and nuclei. In the Kohn and Sham approach, a system of interacting electrons is approximated by a system of non-interacting Kohn-Sham particles in an ...
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Books on machine learning and condensed matter? [closed]

What are the best books on the use of machine learning in condensed matter, focusing on density functional theory and many-body physics?
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Inverse Matrix Calculation

I am working on the charge transport calculation, based on the non-equilibrium green function method, for the Hamiltonian with the non-orthogonal basis. Suppose $H$ and $S$ are the Kohn-Sham ...
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Generation of the eletromagnetic wave or electric current by the photo-excitation

Suppose there is an incident photo with a specific frequency hitting the material; the incident photo is absorbed by this material. Meanwhile, the material is excited by this incident photo and ...
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How to get started modeling liquid crystals? [closed]

I am an experimentalist who is interested in getting hands on experience with how simulations play into our understanding of liquid crystal formation. I have tried to read several reviews on the topic ...
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Green function KMS boundary condition [closed]

How to obtain the relation between $G_{ab}(\tau,0,0,0)$ and $G_{ab}(\beta-\tau,0,0,0)$ for two-particle fermion Green function $$G_{ab}(\tau_1,\tau_2,\tau_3,\tau_4)=\langle \mathcal{T}a^\dagger(\tau_1)...
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