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Questions related to the design of materials (cost-effectiveness, functionality, fabrication procedures, etc.)

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Separation of valence bands in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)

The image below refers to a phenomenon that occurs in TMDCs (transition metal dichalcogenides) monolayers that allowed the development of valleytronics. Why are there separate bands of different ...
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Artificial muscles and their efficiency

Most of the artificial muscles are based on either pneumatic power or nylon fibers being heated so they contract. These methods consume more energy than what can be utilized. Likewise, in early days ...
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Has DFT helped in development of better solar materials?

I would like to pursue a Masters degree in Materials Science and more focused towards solar materials to make it more efficient and reducing the energy payback time. I had taken this course and was ...
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What is the efficiency of Nylon/Polyethylene artificial muscles? [closed]

The only other question in regards to this subject doesn't have a precise answer and it is more about actuators that directly convert electricity into mechanical force. Nylon or polyethylene fibers, ...
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Has there been research on improving the strength of graphene-based materials?

I read that brittle materials tend to have an observed strength much less than its theoretical strength because they tend to have surface cracks and whatever tension is applied gets greatly magnified ...
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