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Questions tagged [molecular-interactions]

Questions related to molecular interactions when calculating quantities in materials science.

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How to analyse structure factors calculated from a mixture of isotropic amorphous substrates

I am looking for a way to computationally analyse the interactions between two molecular species (as solute and solvent) in an isotropic mixture using X-ray scattering. Is there a guideline as to how ...
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MMGBSA: Electrostatic and van der Waals

I ran a molecular dynamics simulation using Gromacs 2023.2, with the CHARMM36 forcefield. And I ran a per-residue energy decomposition calculation using gmx_MMPBSA, with MMGBSA model. MMGBSA model ...
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Interaction energy of two cartesian quadrupoles?

I am looking for a complete description of the interaction of two traceless cartesian quadrupoles. Even just an implementation online would be quite useful. The problem I am having is many of the ...
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