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For questions about (or involving) the MOLPRO electronic-structure package.

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How to calculate homolytic bond dissociation energies?

An experimental colleague asked me how hard it would be to calculate homolytic bond-dissociation energies for different phosphonates which are involved in a Hydrophosphination. The compounds include ...
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What significant matter modelling methods are implemented in commercial software, for which there is no freeware alternative?

There is an ever-growing list of freeware and open-source software for solid-state physics and quantum chemistry. But many commercial programs still thrive, even in 2020, and their cost can be in ...
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11 votes
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Analytic gradient for DLPNO-CCSD

Is there a formula for analytical gradients (for geometry optimization) for the DLPNO-CCSD method? I ask because I know that it is not implemented in ORCA. Maybe PNO-CCSD is implemented in MRCC or ...
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How to determine occupied and closed orbitals for a Molpro CASSCF calculation?

I am currently working with Molpro, to which I am completely new, trying to run some calculations on $\ce{PdO}$. From literature I have gathered that the ground state is given by $^3\Sigma^-$ state, ...
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Is it possible to do TD-DFT/6-31G+(d,p) calculations on a laptop?

In the recent publication: "Density Functional Theory Calculation on the Structural, Electronic, and Optical Properties of Fluorene-Based Azo Compounds", the author claimed to have used ...
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