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For questions about (or involving) inelastic or elastic neutron scattering.

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3 votes
1 answer

Packages for simulating neutron PDF

I want to simulate neutron pair distribution functions that will be compared to experimental scattering data. I have structure files, and I can make reasonable assumptions on the thermal broadening of ...
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0 answers

Invariance of magnetic susceptibility when rotating a tight-binding Hamiltonian

We know the magnetic susceptibility for a non-interacting tight-binding model has the Lindhardt form, for which I express as product of matsubara Green's functions $$\chi^{(0)}(q,\omega)=-\beta\sum_{k,...
12 votes
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How to understand dynamical spin structure factor? [closed]

A newish area of interactions between quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and experiments is in spin spectra. Recent improvements in stochastic analytic continuation have made it much easier to compare/extract ...