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What are some recent significant developments/studies in theoretical nonlinear chemical dynamics?

During my undergraduate studies, I was introduced to oscillatory and nonlinear reactions, which are essentially chemical reactions oscillating far away from equilibrium conditions - A very visual ...
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What are some DMRG packages with an easy learning curve?

I've been meaning to learn how to use DMRG (density matrix renormalization group) for a long time. Which packages have an easy learning curve? I specifically mean it should be easy to actually learn ...
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Error correction software for VASP calculations

I am looking for error correction packages for VASP calculations that can be integrated into a high-throughput worfklow. Ideally the software would both find and propose fixes for errors at runtime, ...
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Strongly Correlated Materials: Theoretical Frameworks, Computational Techniques, and Machine Learning Breakthroughs in Matter Modeling

This is more of an opened discussion, recommendations, and experts views on the Strongly correlated materials. Exploring the behavior of strongly correlated materials poses significant challenges in ...
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Are there any open-source or free softwares for covalent docking of multiple ligands?

I am currently screening more than 2000 compounds virtually on Vina, but I would like to perform covalent docking. Unfortunately, Vina's functionality is limited as its requires manual designation of ...
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How realistic is the use of classical analog electronic computers in solving the Schrödinger, Hartree-Fock, and Kohn-Sham equations?

Classical binary computer The classical binary computers, on which a Hartree-Fock (or density functional theory) calculation can be executed, already allows seeing a limit in their progress, mainly in ...
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Electronic Structure Calculation with External Field

There are various programs for calculating energy states for molecules (ORCA, Gaussian, ...). Is there also software that allows the same simulations with an additional external potential (e.g. ...
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What factors determine the selection of a specific type of MC move?

There are several types of Monte Carlo (MC) moves that can be used in simulations: Metropolis-Hastings: a sampling technique used to generate a Markov chain of states with desired probabilities by ...
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What are the types of density matrix mixing methods?

I would like to know what are the different types of mixing procedures to be applied to the density matrix (Broyden mixing, Pulay mixing) and their pros and cons?
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Types of pseudopotential for calculating optical properties?

What types of pseudopotential should I use for calculating optical properties in Quantum ESPRESSO?
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