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For questions related to theory or application of optimization techniques in matter modeling. If your question is about a specific type of optimization like geometry optimization, we have the "geometry-optimization" and "geometry" tags. Another related tag is the "numerical-convergence" tag.

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How does the line search in geometry optimisations work?

I am trying to write a Newton-Raphson geometry optimisation script in python (Current version of my code) using the energy, gradient and Hessian from Gaussian 16. In order to reach a minimum, I would ...
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How realistic is the use of classical analog electronic computers in solving the Schrödinger, Hartree-Fock, and Kohn-Sham equations?

Classical binary computer The classical binary computers, on which a Hartree-Fock (or density functional theory) calculation can be executed, already allows seeing a limit in their progress, mainly in ...
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What are the types of density matrix mixing methods?

I would like to know what are the different types of mixing procedures to be applied to the density matrix (Broyden mixing, Pulay mixing) and their pros and cons?
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Unexpected behavior when running LAMMPS from Python

I am trying to run a series of LAMMPS input files to parameterize a system, and then using the residuals to optimize the Force Field parameters. I am able to generate the input files and run them ...
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SIESTA basis set optimization (Enthalpy vs total energy)

Using SIESTA for bulk Si (not optimized, downloaded from, I am trying to optimize the DZP basis set using the PAO.EnergyShift parameter. ...
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Find the outermost peak of a function to calculate the cutoff radius for pseudopotential calculation

Problem presentation The problem mentioned in this paper about norm conserving potentials. I cite ...
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