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What information about a crystalline solid material goes into calculating phase diagrams in Thermo-Calc, and how?

Gibbs free energy, $G$, for a crystalline solid material could be described as: \begin{equation} G\: =\: H_{T=0}\: +\: H_{T>0}\: +\: \text{ZPE}\: -\: T\cdot S, \end{equation} Where $H$ is enthalpy, ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Persistent errors in single equilibrium calculations (Thermo-Calc)

When running single point equilibrium calculations on an array of compositions I come across some compositions (for specific examples see below) that return the error ...
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5 votes
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How to calculate phase regions using CALPHAD for higher order systems (>3 elements)?

I primarily use Thermo-Calc so I will use that to describe my problem but I am interested to hear general CALPHAD insight as well. Using Thermo-Calc I can quickly get an idea of the phase regions ...
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