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For questions about the calculation of phonon density of states (DoS) or the theories involved in them.

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2D Infrared spectroscopy for bulk systems using molecular dynamics

There are some questions and answers (1,2) on this site regarding simple infrared and vibrational density of states calculations with molecular dynamics and there any simple algorithmic descriptions ...
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VASPKIT and SeeK-path recommend different paths. Which one to choose?

I want to get the phonon density of states for a monolayer MoS2. For this, I need phonon dispersion curves, and to choose a path where to compute phonons. VASPKIT recommends Γ-M-K-Γ SeeK-path ...
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project molecular dynamics trajectory onto phonons by normal mode decomposition

After running the Molecular dynamics(MD) simulation, I'd like to see the excitation of phonons during MD, so I'd like to project the trajectory onto a set of phonons, I've seen some paper use the ...
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Can we create a phonon with a specific wavenumber that persists in the system for a long time? [closed]

The phonon number is not a conserved quantity, they add up as dictated by the dispersion relation until the Planck distribution is reached. However, I would need the k=PI/a phonons not to disappear ...
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Interpreting Phonon calculations for 2D materials [closed]

What is the meaning of phonon calculation in 2D materials? And is it enough to predict the stability of materials based on positive phonon only?
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can anyone please explain what is meaning of band.conf , mesh.conf and pdos.conf in phonon calculation? [closed]

Can anyone please explain, what is the physical meaning of band.conf, mesh.conf and pdos.conf in phonon calculation? if it is possible please explain about tags used in it.
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How to derive specific heat of a crystalline material from phonon density of states? [closed]

I have done a simulation of a crystalline material using DFT and have extracted its normal modes and its phonon density of states. Does anyone have an algorithm/code or a detailed resource that can ...
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Can we translate vibrational frequencies at q-points to vibrational frequencies of atoms?

Lattice dynamics codes like phonopy output vibrational frequencies at q-points. Can we get data of vibrational frequencies for each of the atoms in the supercell? (...
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Phonon density of states as a function of frequency vs energy [closed]

Lattice dynamics codes like Phonopy output density of states, $g_{(\omega)}$, as a function of frequency. Since $\int g_{(\omega)}d\omega$ is the number of states ...
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Phonon density of states in statistical thermodynamics

Phonon density of states (DoS), $g_{(\omega_i)}$, help understand the distribution of states across frequencies of vibration. $\int g_{(\omega_i)}d\omega_i =$ the number of states between $\omega_i$ ...
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What do negative phonon frequencies signify?

Negative frequencies "in general" mean the direction of displacement is reverse to that in positive frequencies. Does it mean two frequencies with opposite signs but the same magnitude give ...
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Odd/even q-point mesh in harmonic phonon density of states (DoS) calculations [closed]

Total DoS for two different q-point grids, $100\times100\times100$ and $101\times101\times101$, are graphed above. The DoS for $63\times63\times63$, $65\times65\times65$, $71\times71\times71$, $72\...
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Phonon dispersion and phonon DOS

A follow up question for this question. What are the different properties that can be deduced from a phonon dispersion curve and Phonon DOS? Also if possible explain how to deduce them?
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Should all q-points in the first Brillouin zone be sampled in phonon density of states calculations?

For electronic density of states (DoS) calculations with VASP, it is recommended that VASP's internal symmetry routine is turned ...
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Obtaining phonon density of states from Density Functional Theory

From Statistical Mechanics obtain an expression for the heat capacity of a solid is given by1: \begin{equation} \tag{1} {C_V}\left( T \right) = k\int\limits_0^\infty {\frac{{{{\left( {uv} \right)}^2}{...
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