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Questions tagged [photoluminescence]

Questions related to photoluminescence, the phenomenon whereby light is emitted after electronic excitation by an incoming photon.

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How did they calculate the indirect radiative recombination rate in this paper?

In this paper they calculated radiative recombination rates for Germanium using an effective mass model and I am trying to calculate the indirect spontaneous radiative recombination rate related to ...
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How to Find the Huang-Rhys factor from the Intensity Vs Wavelength plot (PL plot)?

How can I find the HR factor like we calculate the Debye waller factor as - log(IZpl/Itotal), from the intensity profile of the PL spectra.
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7 votes
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Difference between graphics in the Zeeman effect [closed]

I've been reading articles about Zeeman's effect on TMDs specifically on WSe$_2$. In the article: Srivastava, Ajit, Sidler, Meinrad, Allain, Adrien, Lembke, Dominik, Kis, Andras, Imamoğlu, A., Valley ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Photoemission Spectra of Solids

I know that in non-periodic codes such as Gaussian the fluorescence spectra of molecule can be calculated in the following manner. Relax geometry TD-DFT to find excited state Relax excited state ...
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7 votes
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How to calculate the photoluminescence spectrum from DFT band calculations?

Photoluminescence (PL) spectrum is one of the experimental observable used, among other things, to have an accurate idea about the material band structure. It can be calculated using the band ...
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