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Questions related to polymers.

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15 votes
2 answers

What are the parameters that need to be calculated to design the structure of a molecule?

Before performing Molecular Dynamics on a co-polymer that doesn't have a ready-to-use structure anywhere, the monomer fragment was built in Avogadro software with 0 net charge, B3LYP theory and 6-31G(...
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12 votes
2 answers

What kind of systems do we need to coarse-grain to observe interesting phenomena?

When I go to talks, I hear the statement "coarse-graining is required to access spatio-temporal scales to observe important dynamical behavior for stimuli-responsive systems" before they go ...
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Solving for the deviation in the polymer volume fraction under the random phase approximation

I am reading through Introduction to Polymer Physics by Doi, and I am studying the concentration fluctuation in polymer solutions, specifically the random phase approximation. For the most part, I ...
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What is the efficiency of Nylon/Polyethylene artificial muscles? [closed]

The only other question in regards to this subject doesn't have a precise answer and it is more about actuators that directly convert electricity into mechanical force. Nylon or polyethylene fibers, ...
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