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Statistical properties of semi-flexible polymers

I am reading Statistical Physics of Particles by Kardar. I am struggling with problem 12d, in chapter 2, about semi-flexible polymers in two dimensions. The problem is as follows: Configurations of a ...
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Diblock building in Biovia material studio

I am trying to build polystyrene and polyethylenepropylene diblock chains. When I assign head and tail and build diblock chain I could see that the atom numbers get flipped, meaning that head and tail ...
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How do I validate and benchmark a new protein or polymer model?

Suppose I designed a novel coarse-grained model of polymer chains. How can I test the validity of my novel model? Is there any applied framework available?
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Simulate liquid solvent mobility through a gel polymer electrolyte

I would like to simulate a liquid solvent (such as TEGDME) embedded into a polymeric cage (such as PEGDM). What is the most meaningful approach to estimate transport properties in such a system? Three ...
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