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What is the gold standard ab initio pair-potential between two water molecules?

There are a myriad of pair potentials available for simulating the interactions between water molecules, ranging from simpler models like the SPC/E to more sophisticated ones based on high-level ...
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Using Hindered Rotor Scans With Different Convergence Criteria from Gaussian

I am having trouble with a difficult convergence in Gaussian16. I am running two separate PES scans for hindered rotors in my molecule that will eventually be used in subsequent rate calculations. I ...
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Potential Energy curve for CO2 and a surface

I am trying to calculate the potential energy curve for the interaction between CO2 and a silica surface. I use 3 systems and run single point calculations with LAMMPS and substract the values like E =...
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Script to draw one-dimensional PES comparing harmonic and anharmonic vibrational modes

This is an extension of a question I asked a little while ago: Software to draw one-dimensional PES including vibrational energy levels. I am asking the followup here based on advice received after ...
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What is the difference between actual energy vs scf energy in an orca scan

Always at the end of the output of a scan type calculation in orca there are two tables one with the name "The Surface Calculated using the 'Actual Energy'" and the other "The Surface ...
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Slope of the potential when both molecules "touch"?

My aim is to model the potential energy surface for two colliding H2 molecules. More specifically, I needed the order of magnitude of the slope of the potential at the moment when two colliding H2 ...
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Is the energy due to external electric field included in gromacs energy?

I have a Gromacs NVT simulation with a constant external electric field using the option "electric-field-z = 1.5 0 0 0". When calling gmx energy -f (...).edr to calculate the potential ...
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Are there any available tools to implement Jellium models?

I want to solve a Jellium-DFT like problem. Does any of the self-consistent/DFT software packages available allow to solve for the case of a Jellium configuration (no lattice)? If not I would like to ...
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Parameterising a Lennard-Jones interaction: Which atoms should I scan to build potential energy surface?

I have a question related to parameterize Lennard-Jones interaction to get sigma $\sigma$ and epsilon $\epsilon$ to include in amber force field to do the Molecular Dynamics. I searched a lot, they ...
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Restart potential energy scan in Gaussian with additional scan points

I have finished a scan of a bond length, but I need to continue the coordinate scan adding more points to the same scan. I thought of writing a second input file from the last geometry, relaunching ...
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Is it reasonable to calculate TDDFT excitation energies at a geometry optimized with a different method?

I am working on a project where I have to calculate the TDDFT excitation energies of organic molecules (to compare to the experimental UV/visible i.e. optical absorption spectrum). Now, if I ...
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Software for generating ensembles of dimer pairs of organic molecules

For two organic molecules of essentially unlimited size (up to and including, and sometimes exceeding MW = 1000 g/mol), I would like to generate all possible dimer pairs in vacuum. The pairs may be ...
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What is the equilibrium bond length for a Lennard-Jones potential?

If I have $\epsilon$ and $\sigma$ can I calculate equilibrium distance $r_e$ in one run? What I have tried is to put $V = \epsilon$ and bring out the $r$ from the formula, but it seems not solvable. ...
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Is it possible to do a Gaussian redundant scan with some fixed bonds?

I'm trying to do a redundant PES scan of a hydrogen abstraction in a Gaussian job while maintaining the rest of the system fixed. I need to scan the coordinate where H5 approaches to H6, maintaining ...
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PES of Tetramethylthiuramdisulfid / Problem with Disulfidbridge

I like to perform a DFT Study on Tetramethylthiuramdisulfid. So I made a structure optimization for my start structur with PW6B95D3/aug-cc-pvtz to get a good structure to begin my dihedral scan to get ...
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What is the procedure for constructing an ab initio potential energy surface for CH3Cl + Ar?

I would like to construct a model analytical potential function for collision between CH3Cl and Ar. This would be the sum of CH3Cl intramolecular + CH3Cl---Ar intermolecular potential. First I would ...
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How to create a Potential Energy Surface in Chemcraft?

The Chemcraft website says that it is possible to create a potential energy surface. Nevertheless, it doesn't work for my Gaussian scan job. ...
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What are some available software packages for automated finding of local and absolute minima on PES?

I have never used any AI driven calculation package before and to be honest don't fully understand the ins and outs of it. To be more specific I'm looking for something that can find local minima for ...
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Is this statement correct: "All structural variations are energy driven"? [closed]

In modelling using molecular mechanics can one state that "all structural variations are energy driven?". The statement is related to protein-ligand binding in modelling. Sometimes one can ...
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Permissible amount of forces on ions in a relaxed structure

An equilibrium structure would be at a local minimum but that doesn't happen with all relaxation calculations. Relaxed structures tend to have some resultant forces on ions. What amount of these ...
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Candidate structures for global minimum determination

What are the best packages that can generate candidate structures for quantum chemical optimization (DFT or CCSD) to find the global minimum? I am working on the gas-phase small inorganic clusters (...
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How can I scan the whole PES of a bulk structure?

I am not very familiar with scanning a PES for a bulk structure, and I'd be very appreciative for some suggestions.
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3D Poisson equation solver for arbitrary charge distribution?

I am trying to compute the electrostatic potential profile from a distribution of point-charges that were output from an MD simulation. Does anyone know of ready-made Poisson solver packages that are ...
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Which SCF energy to use to plot PES after calculations with SMD?

I have a series of molecules calculated (DFT PBE0-D3/def2-TZVP performed in Q-Chem) and I'm ready to plot PES (Potential Energy Surface). I had to increase the grid to get rid of small imaginary ...
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