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Questions tagged [potential-energy-surface]

Questions about potentiology.

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15 votes
3 answers

Candidate structures for global minimum determination

What are the best packages that can generate candidate structures for quantum chemical optimization (DFT or CCSD) to find the global minimum? I am working on the gas-phase small inorganic clusters (...
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12 votes
2 answers

Permissible amount of forces on ions in a relaxed structure

An equilibrium structure would be at a local minimum but that doesn't happen with all relaxation calculations. Relaxed structures tend to have some resultant forces on ions. What amount of these ...
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12 votes
1 answer

3D Poisson equation solver for arbitrary charge distribution?

I am trying to compute the electrostatic potential profile from a distribution of point-charges that were output from an MD simulation. Does anyone know of ready-made Poisson solver packages that are ...
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