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Pymatgen (Python Materials Genomics) is a robust, open-source Python library for materials analysis.

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Convert ase atoms to pymatgen structure

I have atom_row from ase_db. I have tried various methods but they all fail. Seems like I'm missing a lattice, but I don't know what that is and where I can get it ...
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The standard format and parser of VASP output files

I see a lot of post-processing tools for VASP, including ASE, VASPKIT,Pymagten and some other customized codes. They all read the VASP output files like a normal text file. Sometimes I would meet ...
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Magnetic Transition Pymatgen Error

I am trying to simulate the change in magnetic moments during a ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition. ...
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How to generate the high symmetry paths for band structure calculations?

Suppose I want to calculate the band structure of a material system along a specific high symmetry path in the Brillouin Zone. If the point group of the system is given, how can I easily compute the ...
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Predicting the magnetic behaviour of Mn doped SmFeO3 [closed]

I am trying to predict the magnetic order transformations in Mn doped SmFeO3 using the MagneticStructureEnumerator class of pymatgen. Attached is the error message: ...
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High throughput tool to quantify the similarity of crystal structures?

Quantifying the similarity of crystal structures is important to understand and predict the properties of less-studied crystals. For example, the inorganic crystal structure database (ICSD) contains ...
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16 votes
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How to separate the data plot for spin up and spin down band structure into 2 different graphs, in Pymatgen?

I am a beginner user of the Pymatgen package. In order to process the data from VASP DFT calculation software, I use Pymatgen to visualize the output band structure. When I do spin polarised band ...
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What are the tools available for point defects calculations? [closed]

It would be appreciated if you could explain one of the tools below (or another tool not listed), in the format used here (for example): What software will allow me to combine two images? What ...
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