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Refers to the branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, in particular electrons.

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How can one determine the time-step for imaginary time evolution?

The real-time evolution of a quantum system described by the state $\psi(t)$ is formally given by, $$ \psi(t+\Delta t) = \exp^{- i \hat{H} \Delta t / \hbar} \psi(t)\tag{1}$$ For dynamical simulations ...
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Which is better? Rashba effect or Dresselhaus effect?

My current research focus is on the band splitting observed in 2D perovskite. Existing literature suggests that site inversion asymmetry (SIA) may lead to the Rashba effect, while bulk inversion ...
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Clarifying local magnetic moment axes in VASP: cartesian vs crystal (for MAGMOM/M_CONSTR)

In VASP, one can set the local magnetic moments of each ion in a non-collinear SOC calculation along a certain direction using the MAGMOM/M_CONSTR tags. The manual linked to states that these local ...
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