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For questions relating to effects that only appear at the quantum scale.

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how to simulate the size effect with DFT theory? [closed]

I am considering simulating the size effect of nanoparticles, the size expands from 0.2nm to 50nm, but when trying to build the model, I am not sure how to reflect the size correctly, for example, if ...
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In which theoretical framework does the size of an atom depend on the temperature of the gas (Bose-Einstein condensates)

In order to pose the question, I reproduce an excerpt from this Physics.SE question, about the size of atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC): Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in frames of ...
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How do you model quantum-confinement effects in optically active (e.g. plasmonic) mesoscopic structures?

Optically active materials, and particularly metals can be described fairly well with Classical Electrodynamics. For example, interfaces can be modeled using the Drude model, and for spherical ...
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